Are we in a simulation? Numerology simulation theory

What is numerology simulation theory? In this video we look at the simulation hypothesis and the question of whether we are living in a simulation. There are some surprising answers in an under explored source of knowledge: numerology. And as we dig deeper, we find that our world is governed by numbers. How do we […]

Intro to Synchronicities | why patterns in your life aren’t a coincidence

This video gives an intro to synchronicities. In this introduction to synchronicity we explore the following: One of the most common ways to dismiss an idea, is to say “it’s just a coincidence.” But how do we know if something really IS a coincidence? We explore the question of coincidence, synchronicity, and numerology in this […]

Pythagorean Numerology: 4 principles that just might change your life

What is Pythagorean Numerology? Pythagoras was an ancient Greek philosopher who is widely regarded as the father of western Numerology. In this video, we look at 4 of his principles, and how understanding them, could have a dramatic impact on your life. We’re often told that our world is random and incomprehensible. But what if […]