Understanding Fascia – Flexibility, Power & Pain

PDF guide here: https://www.yogabody.com/fascia-facts-youtube/ Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and tight? Maybe you can feel specific areas of tightness and inflexibility? It could be caused by the connective tissue, fascia; and if so, this video is for you. Fascia is a dense connective tissue found throughout your body. It’s like a […]

Lower Back Pain? Try These 3 Weird Stretches

PDF Pose Chart here: https://www.yogabody.com/lower-back-stretches-youtube/ Do you have chronic lower back pain? Does it get worse after sitting at your desk or driving? What can start off as a slight nuisance, over time can begin to affect your quality of life. The most common lumbar spine problems originate in the muscles, ligaments and discs around […]