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Do you have chronic lower back pain? Does it get worse after sitting at your desk or driving? What can start off as a slight nuisance, over time can begin to affect your quality of life.

The most common lumbar spine problems originate in the muscles, ligaments and discs around your lumbar and sacral vertebrae L4, L5, and S1. A disc bulge or nerve compression in this area, can also cause pain or numbness in your legs.

How to fix it? Pain killers will only mask the problem and the best approach to healing is three-pronged, through strengthening, balancing and flexibility practices. The three stretches in this video are a good place to start – they will help to give you some temporary relief and set you on the path to healing.

00:00 Lower Back Pain
00:51 When Back Pain Becomes Chronic
02:11 Muscular Injuries
03:08 Ligament Injuries
03:42 Disc Injuries
04:37 Other Lower Back Conditions
05:11 Best Approach To Healing
06:03 Why Not Just Go To The Doctor?
06:48 Disc Herniation And Surgery
07:52 3 Weird Lower Back Stretches
08:30 Standing Psoas Lunge
10:39 Zombie Crawl
12:31 L-Fold

DISCLAIMER – Please do not use this video to diagnose or treat a severe injury. In all cases, you should check with a trusted healthcare provider before starting any self-care routine.

The geographically low position of your lumbar spine, compared with its wide range of motion can cause problems where your lumbar and sacral vertebrae meet – your L4, L5 and S1. Together with soft tissues, nerves and intervertebral discs, this area of your back is responsible for helping to support your upper body, allowing you to bend, flex and extend in different directions.

Key muscles that can lead to lower back pain when injured or strained include your QL muscles, erector spinae, lats and obliques. They all play a crucial role in supporting your spine and allowing you to move your body freely. Muscle injuries heal quicker than ligament and disc problems.

1) Muscle strain
2) Ligament injury
3) Disc compression

*After sitting at a desk
*After driving
*When bending forward
*When you cough or sneeze

These stretches assume you’re already in pain, so the approach is very gentle. As weeks and months go by you’ll probably want to up the level of intensity and move on to some stronger poses.

*Minimize shear forces
*No sudden or sharp bending movements
*No aggressive cycling or running
*Try not to sit for long periods of time

1) Standing Psoas Lunge
2) Zombie Crawl
3) L-Fold

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