How to Release the Psoas Muscle – Pso Rite Muscle Release

Buy on Amazon – – This video demonstrates how to effectively release the Psoas muscle. The myofascial Psoas release should always be followed up with stretches as shown.

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  1. This is a nice little tool and if money isn't an object, why not? It is however crazy that a simple plastic mold that couldn't really cost more than 80 cents or so to pour can get sold for north of $75 with taxes. You will know exactly what I mean when you pull it from the box for the first time. It is very similar to a wheel stand for a stationary bike that you ride in your living room. Other than that, practice with it and see what you get. I'm on day 2 with this and plan on using it each day for the next two weeks to see if I can make some progress around a few tight muscles in that area. Good luck. FYI, the handle on a kettlebell is a close substitute from my experience but not as clean and easy to do but you can get there. Thanks for the video

  2. Pso rite fixed my erectile dysfunction. I had it bad for about a year. Had all sorts of blood tests and medical exams to find out what was wrong. I was super depressed. One day i used the pso rite on my low back and it released a massive trigger point and i started getting full erections that evening. No issues since then

  3. This video could do a better job of actually telling you where to place it instead of just saying to place it on the psoas muscle. For example how do I know I'm placing it in the right place?. It's impossible to see where he is putting it?

  4. I just got mine yesterday. I’ve been suffering with this for 13 years. Spent sooo much money on MRIs, ultrasounds and blood work thinking I had a hernia or cancer or who know what. First time that I used it and couldn’t believe my back pain troll went on vacation or something because today I woke up with no pain on my lower back.

  5. The pso rite fixed healed my brain tumor. Had tried everything, but the Pso rite did it for me. Definitely would recommend. Get yours today!

  6. Thanks! Some of the best yet simple stretches I’ve come across from a channel. Appreciate you taking the time to share this content.

  7. Great video! One question: Can a tight psoas cause a hip dysplasia? I got one and I'm getting better by trying to release the psoas with electrotherapy..but it hurts! Should I try that? Thank u

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