Dr. Rowe shows how to quickly get rid of psoas muscle and hip flexor pain.

A tight psoas muscle is a big overlooked cause of lower back pain. Additionally, it may cause pain in the front of the leg, groin, and hip area.

Since it’s such a deep muscle, massage is not very effective at releasing tightness or offering relief. Instead, the best method is to focus on activating (loosening) the muscle through mobility exercises and then strengthening the muscle (to prevent issues later on).

This video will be broken up into two separate parts to focus on this. Go through both parts to get the best results, and use what works best for you.

As a bonus, all of these iliopsoas muscle and hip flexor stretching exercises can be done at home, require no special equipment, and may give quick pain relief… even in as little as 30 seconds!

Watch now and instantly fix a tight psoas at home!

0:00 Intro

PART ONE: Psoas Activation
1:06 Psoas Cobra
3:05 Hip Flexor Couch Stretch

PART TWO: Iliopsoas Strengthening
5:30 Knee Raiser
7:02 Hip Lunge Slider
8:42 Iliopsoas Bridge


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