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Foot Reflexology is an Ancient practice that targets internal organ reflexes. They believe that Chi energy flows freely througout the body. The foot is divided into 5 zones and 10 vertical lines that coinside with the 10 meridians.

0:00 Introduction
4:15 Reflex drawing of the foot reflexes & explanation
5:56 The five horizontal zones.
7:11 I made a mistake!!! I should have said Descending colon not Ascending!
8:05 Shaking technique to relax foot
8:37 Figure 8’s
9:00 Thumb walking technique
9:56 Head, sinus, eye and ear reflexes
11:13 Diaphragm line, solar plexus hold, lung, heart and upper chest area
12:28 Upper abdominal area reflexes
13:05 Lower abdominal area reflexes
14:08 Pelvic area reflexes
16:37 Lung press technique
17:11 Finger walking on the dorsal part of the foot. Reflexes of the chest
17:45 Dorsi flexion and Plantar flexion
18:44 Spreading the metatarsals and cross fiber techniques
19:10 The 10 Vertical lines. 5 on each foot. They are related to the 10 meridians of the body

**This video is for teaching purposes only. Please consult a doctor for proper diagnosis. Massage therapist, stay within your scope of practice.

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Videographer: Omar Garcia – EPCC FILM STUDENT
Artist: Mariam Garcia – Instagram: @maricmm

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  2. I have NEVER been totally happy with ANY Masseuse because they never spend enough time on my hands or feet even when I ask

  3. You mentioned twice the ancient concept like Qi and 10 meridians but not mentioning that it came from traditional Chinese reflexology.

  4. Hi Maria, my 3rd & 4th toes from my big left toe kinda ache at times more often in past week then ever b4, could tht be warning sign fr aneurysm?

  5. Πολύ χρήσιμες οι πληροφορίες σας.Ευτύχημα θα ήταν να ήταν ενεργοποιημενη η αυτόματη μετάφραση. Πάτησα το cc, αλλά ήταν στα αγγλικά

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