It could be a major coincidence, but come on bro. We’re approaching a new age of shifting #consciousness and legit, you can #manifest anything with the right mindset. I see synchronicities all day, but this symbol at #Aquatica was a surprise.

Metadata on the images will back the claim, plus there were witnesses. We built birdhouses last week that looked like that building, and I sketched the roof design on the drive up to Orlando.

Synchronistic events like this tell me I need to pay attention to something a little closer, and in this case it’s preparing my daughter 2nd grade (mentally).

Trying to wrap your head around synchronicities explained and spiritual meaning of synchronicity?

Synchronicity indicates that two events occur at the same time. For example, when you see an object fall out of the sky, you might think that this was caused by a meteorite strike. However, if you look up and notice another falling object, you may realize that they were both caused by the same event – a meteorite strike.

Another example would be when you hear a song playing on the radio while driving down the road. It could mean that someone is listening to the same song, but it could also mean that you heard the song first and then saw the car pass by.

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I’m @brolop and I make stuff on the internet and #IRL. Some people say I am entertaining. I say this is just a tasty sampling of my unconscious brain. Eat it up. It’s #delicious.