Worlds Within Worlds ✦ 432Hz Etheric Chillstep ✦ Focus, Study, Dream ✦ Healing Music

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Remember those most familiar sensations.
The sight of a single seed from a cotton tree lilting to the ground.
A child gazing into a bouquet of colorful balloons.
The sun’s true light as it dances on your arm.
These are keys into the new dimension.

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We make music for the YOU age, creating healing music and soundscapes for all walks of life. Sound is soul, it calls you to remember your natural state: one of peace, relaxation, better sleep, creative flow, focus, and inner peace.

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🖖 Sound frequency and music therapy are wonderful and effective healing modalities, however they are not intended to fully replace professional medical or counseling advice. If you are experiencing a mental or physical illness, always seek help from a trusted therapist or doctor.

🙏 May this music bring you peace, healing, and happiness.




  1. ich bin gesegnet diese Klänge hier gerade zu hören, so schön, so fließend, inspirierend, wunderschön, mein Herz wird ganz weit. vielen lieben DAnk

  2. I love this audio track and most of all that track with this visual.
    I really enjoy to feel these sharps blooming, the colours, the waves, a pleasure full of softness 🌸
    Thank you from my Heart, I really appreciate your creation 🕯️☯️

  3. من اپدمی غریبم هجه دمی خیری‌ واسم گیر نیامد وا کمک کنه بری خدا من فلج ام

  4. Your light is very necessary in this universe, you are capable of achieving incredible things and any dream you set for yourself. I wish you much love, health and success on your way, Namaste 🌈🧡💛💚🌼💙💜❤🌈

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