Quick Pineal Gland Activation *VERY STRONG* Third Eye Opening Meditation

The BEST Quick Pineal Gland Activation / STRONG Fast Third Eye Opening Guided Meditation on Youtube! (Featuring 936Hz Solfeggio Frequencies (DNA repair frequency), Binaural Beats, & Theta Waves). Please enjoy this 10-minute quick pineal gland activation / quick third eye opening meditation with DNA repair frequencies!

WARNING – this fast pineal gland opening guided meditation music track is extremely strong and may surface feelings and emotions that you have never felt before. However, there is nothing to fear, just breathe slowly and relax. Listen right through to the end. This BEST pineal gland activation track is designed to activate your pineal gland fast (opening your third eye) and then gently bring you back down to a calm and blissful state.

The pineal gland is associated with the third eye chakra and higher levels of consciousness. It is often referred to as your ‘spiritual antenna’. It is the spiritual doorway to higher dimensions and realms. It enables your soul to be expressed through your physicality.

We really hope you enjoy this ‘best’ quick pineal activation / quick third eye-opening guided meditation track. It is very strong, featuring 936Hz solfeggio frequencies and powerful binaural beats

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  1. Love this!! after the meditation I sat longer and my upper body rotated from inner energy. It felt like releasing blockages… 🙏🧘‍♀️ thank you for uploading this!! 🌍🌈

  2. What a beautiful, joyful, and freeing journey! I've had the sensation of my mind leaving my body and skyrocketing to the outer space where it spinned freely in the state of weightlessness. Thank you💫

  3. 😕‼️ help —— I’m trying SOOOOOO hard —- to raise my vibration — focus on live kindness and light ——— but I’m trapped with a very mean mean boyfriend who yells and cussed at me Avery day —-/——- I’m trying to ignore it and focus on my live intentions for the world ———- I do NOT have the strength to leave because it have tried it 100 times over to years —— too that res sick and hurt now ——- can you help me focus on my ascension please ?….💛

  4. There’s no freaking way. During my meditation, when the speaker said “feel the energy” and “you are NOW connected to the universe” I had a light and then Strong burst of wind run by me. Wow

  5. Amazing! I started to see a white light, then a red light, then I saw a blue light! The blue light started off small, then it got bigger and bigger! It started to get big and small, it changed like that! At the end, the blue light got super big I started to feel I was falling down with it and traveling through space! When the video ended, the blue light stayed still and stopped moving and since I had my eyes closed, all I saw was blue! At the end I also started seeing little parts of my room like I was looking at it with my eyes closed! Thank you very much for this outstanding video! I have a question, did my Pineal activate? During the video I started to feel a little bit of weight in the spot where my third eye should be. I feel like someone cut out a circle through my forehead in the spot where the third eye should be! I still keep feeling the eye in that spot! Please respond, thanks! x

  6. Congrats to those who felt some thing but I’ve got nothing. Didn’t work to open my pineal gland, I mean, come on I think it would take more than 10 minutes to do that. But on the bright side, I did for a few seconds have some vivid visuals of being in space, looking down at the Earth. Eh, guess I’ll keep trying.

  7. 3 years ago I listened to this while tripping and it blew my freaking mind bro. I thought I was transcending my body floating through a warp zone in space .

  8. Amazing video. I felt lighter and completely stress free during this as if I was in my own world and that is what meditation is about. I could feel my determination to my goals growing stronger. And I could tell my third eye was so close and is getting stronger and it will just take time I am very new to this but very excited to continue my progression

  9. Wow yeah I have been doing guided meditation for years and this was very good especially for a ten minute! I'll definitely be passing it on! Thank you so much!

  10. WOW WOW WOW! I haven’t meditated in a few weeks so I wasn’t feeling as deep of a meditation as I was used to when practicing regularly. I kept going and felt my cells tingle at one point but then I sneezed and snapped out of it. I almost gave up then but figured I need the practice so I should finish and OMG IM SO GLAD I DID! My whole entire body was tingling and even now my lips and tongue almost feel like a current of electricity is flowing through! 100/10 recommend this one!

  11. Listened to this for first time last night center of my head was tingling woke up this morning and can still feel the same tingling about to listen again peace ✌

  12. I’ve been meditating on and off through the years and got back into it today and this was an amazing experience! I could feel my third eye pulsating and my body inside was vibrating with the frequency’s and was getting very warm! Will definitely be doing this every day until my third eye is activated!💃🏼

  13. Man, did it make some of senses vibrate, the ear especially. On a side note, do not do it with a scattered mind. Headphones I believe, are best used.

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