The BEST Quick Pineal Gland Activation / STRONG Fast Third Eye Opening Guided Meditation on Youtube! (Featuring 936Hz Solfeggio Frequencies (DNA repair frequency), Binaural Beats, & Theta Waves). Please enjoy this 10-minute quick pineal gland activation / quick third eye opening meditation with DNA repair frequencies!

WARNING – this fast pineal gland opening guided meditation music track is extremely strong and may surface feelings and emotions that you have never felt before. However, there is nothing to fear, just breathe slowly and relax. Listen right through to the end. This BEST pineal gland activation track is designed to activate your pineal gland fast (opening your third eye) and then gently bring you back down to a calm and blissful state.

The pineal gland is associated with the third eye chakra and higher levels of consciousness. It is often referred to as your ‘spiritual antenna’. It is the spiritual doorway to higher dimensions and realms. It enables your soul to be expressed through your physicality.

We really hope you enjoy this ‘best’ quick pineal activation / quick third eye-opening guided meditation track. It is very strong, featuring 936Hz solfeggio frequencies and powerful binaural beats

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