POWERFUL Guided Astral Projection Meditation (Using Hypnosis & Brown Noise)

Hey there all I’m Ryan Cropper, and today – if you choose too, you can experience an out of body experience. You too can achieve a skill known as astral projection, using this powerful astral projection guided meditation. This audio can also be used as a beginners astral projection guided meditation, helping steer you into the astral plane. And so, if you’ve always wanted an out of body experience, putting an end to the pesky search term how to astral project, then lay down, put your volume to 50% and let the astral projection hypnosis carry you through to the astral plane.

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  1. The ingredients for this meditation are as follows, a clear intention, will power, and patience. Try it out and let me know of your experience with this below!

  2. I had an experience where I was placed on top of this very tall cliff with a T shaped lake at the bottom. I sat there for what felt like hours thowing stones into the water and creating ripples just by tapping my feet, strange thing was that when I looked down at my feet they weren't mine aha.

  3. I have a challenge for anyone to astral project beyond the south pole and see whats there beyond the flat earth, there might be more countries anyone up for that?

  4. I tried this video once. I kept feeling myself lifting and trying to disconnect but every time i would these random beings would pop into my minds eye. Things ive never seen before. One was super colorful with alot of geometric patterns. Fractals. It was coming at me with its tongue sticking out. It was so bizarre. Other creatures i cant remember. But my whole home began to make a lot of noises, like something was purposely trying to startle me so I wouldn’t succeed.

    I felt my body trying to disconnect all night but i fell asleep so i have no idea if anything happened. I can tell you i had intense realistic dreams. The kind where you feel, smell, taste things. It was wild.

  5. Damn I had a dream of this still talking in my ear and I slid out of body crawling on the floor of an apartment and I peted my dog and saw a orange sunset and the visuals were amazing but I'm not sure if was an OBE though..

  6. I haven’t been able to astral project yet, but I’m planning on using this video to have my first experience, just to get some confidence in the fact that it’s something I can actually do, cause it’s just kind of….. surreal, like I know I can do it, but it just seems…… imaginary/ hard to reach. I bought your 10 step method, so When I have had my first experience And gotten the confirmation and confidence I need to really go for it, I’m just going to do that, cause I’ve already watched most of the videos in that course a couple of times. Does that seem like something that would allow me to really get the practice down and learn what you teach in that course?

  7. Had a crazy very very real feeling dream that I was reading a book with someone at some air b&b in the woods by the ocean, we would read like q chapter at a time and go about our day and things from the book began to happen, it had intense spooky vibes, there were weird creatures hard to even describe. The dream seemed to last all night. There's alot more detail I could give but this conveys the gist, prior to falling asleep I did notice my body felt like it was being pulled through my bed and I tried to surrender to it and encourage it, I didn't want ro get to excited and try anything mentally yet and risk waking myself up out of the deep state I was In. Excited to try it again tonight hopefully I can stay attentive longer this time.

  8. Ryan, you and another guy showed up in my dream last night. I’ll just say I was in a threatening situation and you and some other guy popped up. I asked how you knew, and you said “it’s amazing isn’t it?” The first thing I thought of was telepathy through the social memory complex.

  9. after 4 unsuccessful attempts, I moved my meditation schedule to the morning after waking up between 7-9 am. It worked better today. Will keep at it. No success yet. I have seen, from time to time, flashes of a hand using a book or touching some furniture on it's own as if it was from my perspective. Except it is not my arm. But i quickly get jolted out of the scene every time.

  10. Omg I was listening to this and even though I wasn’t seeing the images yet, I like all of a sudden… Gasped? Like it was so weird and my eyes were closed and I started seeing this weird face that I couldn’t recognize at all and the mouth was like really big and it was moving rlly weird? Idk but my heart was pounding out of my chest, I think I accidentally got a bit scared and then it all went away, so imma try again tonight 🙂

  11. Im not sure if I had sleep paralysis or started to astral travel. I got out of the ‘paralysis very fast compared to normally. I screamed and got up but I know I wasn’t awake. Then I had a bizar dream that I now unfortunately not can remember well. I tried this hypnosis in day time a couple times but it didn’t work. I tried it last night around midnight and it was such a huge difference since the start.

    Will deff keep using it and experiment with it. Thank you!

  12. First time ever attempting one of your methods because I feel ready now. I got so close. I felt like I could just give it a 1-2-3 and sit up right out of my body. I felt my energy body inside of me about to come out! However, I did this during the day, and for some reason I had a random twitch on my hand towards the end that took me out of it. But overall, for trying for the first time and getting so close to where I could start to hear the vibrations and feel my energy body about to pull out, I would say that is flippin amazing. I will be trying this again in a few days so that I don’t over for it, but I will keep going! Thank you!

  13. This almost worked for me! I've never been so close in a long time. My problem is that my subconscious or my conscious keeps grounding me to my body by making me focus on my breathing. It's a little frustrating but other than that this meditation has helped me sooo much. I'll try again tomorrow. Much love to you Ryan!

  14. This was beautifully done! I have done this exercise five times, and every single time at the same exact moment (Which was when it mentioned about the death state), the entity I have an immensely deep and kindred like closeness with, Hel, has ALWAYS been at my side throughout the whole experience. This simple guided experience exercise literally became my 100% fool proof way of interacting with Her, and I’m even getting emotional sharing this; I can’t say how meaningful this has been.🖤

  15. I am from England and I don't really know much about route 66. Just that it is a road. So I was aware that was the road, with a newspaper article, of late 40s or early 50s, with the name Christine. When I do things like this, my psychic/mediumship comes in to play. Will have to do some Internet research. Also I went in to some ones else's home, two very old ladies lived, they were disfigured in their face, so that's a bizarre one. I like this video, but ya don't half make me jump when ya come out of no where 😆
    ( Don't some research. That is one long ass road !! That's a needle in a haystack. Only one came out of ma investigation, and that is nine year old girl, Christine who is still missing, but the dates don't match )

  16. the Video. After a few words in the beginning, the rest is blank. Why is the universe keeping me from projecting? I'm sad.

  17. I just wanna know if you could send a message for me ?? I don't really care about your response, I understand that they've ALWAYS been watchin. I just want you to tell them for me, that I think there a BUNCH OF FUCKIN COWARDS Just sit and watch the sufferin, just sit and watch the children bein HURT. FUCKIN COWARDS, TELL EM MY NAME PLEEZE BROTHER!!!!!!!

  18. Ah fell asleep in the process, giving it another shot this night

    I’m just gonna keep track of my attempts here so I got some more motivation to keep going 🙂
    Attempts: 8
    Successes: 0

    Side notes:
    Remembering more dreams and more vividly

  19. Hey, how do you think – what should I do if I astral project often, but NEVER remember what happened?
    Nothing helped so far, it feels like some kind of a third-eye blockage.

  20. I saw and felt a gold ball coming up from my neck and I had to open my mouth to vomit it out.. And then I travelled in 2 places: first I was on the top of a gold mountain and I set there connecting my uterus to that. My intentions for this experiment were to travel in future and see my babies but I saw this and I'm not sure how to read it. Second I found my self in a cave with stairs and rock doors and a really big big wooden door through I made my first and I hope last trip to hell. Someone didn't want me to be there because a light turned on to give me a chance to find a way out(tunnel to a watery and blue cave with a connection to an airplain). Is it normal to jump from one scenario to another in this way? No logical way lol
    As usual thanks for your free contents, nice meditation👍🤗

  21. My experience was a little different, my body was itching and uncomfortable at times, for example my perineum felt super uncomfortable and i noticed i stopped breathing, but i reminded myself that i am not the body nor the mind, which helped. This meditation did help and i did see a small tini tiny glimpse of a vision of some place. I think what i was going through was like a challenge or a test or stages that i had to go through before i can go deeper into meditation.

    (Did yall experience the same as me?)

  22. so i just tried to nap. everything seemed to be trying to stop that. fly came in…had to kill it, took 20 min. loud neighbors…loud uncle…loud arguing grandparents…. but main thing is i had a short dream in and out of me lying in my bed, tryign to astral project. it didnt work …in my dream, it didnt work. also my "shadowself" that looked like a creepy lego figure tried to kidnap me.

  23. Bruhhh my gosh this video 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽I been have trippy as dream Astro projections all type weird awesome things happening with this video ,love it ❤️

  24. omgggg lemme tell uuuuuu it almost worked for me !yesterday night i tried & the reason why i didnt get to project was cus i hit some block and come back into my body hard. or thats what it felt like. usually its very hard for me to AP and almost all videos i've tried on youtube didnt help me AP but this video of yours helped alot🤩🤩🤩 and im excited to try again with ur video🤩🤩🤩TYSM🤗💗🍀🍀

  25. also the sounds were amazing😍😍😍😍 super relaxing. the intensity of brown noise and ur voice was perfect. ( i dunno a better way to describe ;p ) the voices made me feel like im near the ocean and then after a while im sinking and then after a while vibrations started. just awesome🤩

  26. Does anyone else have the problem of playing the video and after about 3 minutes there’s no more sound or anything? 🙁 if you know what’s happening help is mucho appreciated!

  27. One question came to mind which you may or may not answer. I remember being able to see with my eyes closed after trying to fall asleep. I would then see the colorless dark shapes of the inside of my room. This effect would last for maybe a minute until it fades into black again. Did you experience this before and has that anything to do with Astral projection? How can one make it last longer?

  28. Hey Ryan, I hope you’re well.

    This is going to sound strange but I’ve got a question for you.

    Can you time travel in the astral plane?

    I’ve been having weird, idk what to call them but dreamlike states where I’m pretty sure I’m time travelling back and forth visiting strangers and doing something by talking to them in the future and then coming back to the present.

    It even started happening for myself where the other day I saw my future self being late for work because I forgot I had work that day, so that when I woke up I didn’t forget, and the same day turned out 3 other people forgot they had work somehow… all on the same day.

    I’m not sure what’s happening because again, I haven’t been trying to astral project on purpose but I think somethings happening and it’s either a dream state or and astral state (is there an overlap?) idk. I don’t seem to have in these states, an actual astral body I feel more like just a floating consciousness somewhere that’s moving on top of time.

    Has this happened to you before? What do you think about it?

  29. Hey man, great video, can you help? I listened to the video many times and trying to project, but for some reason, I get to a certain point and my heart starts to beat fast.. Kinda like a mini panic attack or like I'm half way out of my body and then suddenly come crashing back.. Please help man🙏

  30. This is the first astral meditation that worked for me. I met an emerald monk and went to other worlds. The only thing is I stopped breathing for a bit. If that ok

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