Hypnosis Discover Your Power Animal – Spirit Guide & Spirit Animal, Sleep Hypnosis

This powerful hypnosis session will allow for deep guided relaxation as your conscious mind sleeps and allows your subconscious, creative imagination to reveal your inner qualities, strengths and resources. You’ll find that your own personal resources will appear symbolically in the form of an animal totem guide – an animal spirit guardian unique to you and your deeper, authentic self.

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Many ancient cultures have practiced this form of trance, and now I hope you may enjoy the benefits of your own inner wisdom, confidence, self esteem and calmness.

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This is a guided hypnotherapy session, designed to enable an experiential communication between your conscious and subconscious or unconscious mind. A higher level of personal congruency can be realised when we are able to listen to our deeper truth. You may find the answers to many ongoing personal problems and issues, if you simply take the time to ask your inner self for a new direction.

Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery.

This recording is in no way a replacement for any prescribed medication; nor is it intended to contraindicate or supersede any medically diagnosed conditions.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. The power for positive change resides within your own mind. If you choose to accept the suggestions presented in this session, you can rest comfortably knowing that you are the one safely in control of your own positive results.

Peace & Enjoy

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  1. So I found out my spirit animals name it’s Tak I want confidence and to be confident in what i do but he kept telling me “serenity” “be in serenity” I kept asking what he was I couldn’t quite get the picture of an animal in my head but for some reason I knew it was a tortoise 🐢 idk why because I couldn’t “see” him forming I kept asking him what he was what kind of animal and he kept telling me “serenity” “relax” “love yourself” I knew subconsciously he was a tortoise but I couldn’t “see” him if that makes any sense…anyone have a similar experience?

  2. I had 3 power animal…. Black Cobra, Owl and wyrm dragon…. My main animal was the Cobra…. Her name was Salviana the owl was Viola and the dragon was Shamlock…. The snake was a female owl was a female and dragon was a male….. I am a male…. I also remember seeing the same cobra in my dream…. The snake was 118 years old owl was 238 years old and the dragon was 132 years old…. They told me to not be depressed… I'm loved and I'm not alone…. They said when I'm hurt or disturb… I become the Salviana (Snake) when I'm free I become the owl(Viola) and when I'm protective I become the wyrm dragon (Shamlock)

  3. Wow…..my power animal is a horse named Shalom (peace) qualities are strength and sensetivity; Shalom gives me graciousness and my gift was a gold amulet with a large oval ruby in the center of something like the sun with seven rays. Tears were running down my cheeks even though my eyelids were glued shut.
    Thanks Michael

  4. My power animal kept shifting it was so weird, they went from a boxer, a lab, and then a winged wolf. I couldn’t ask it any questions it knew what I was saying but couldn’t talk back :(. I’ll try communicating with him another time.

  5. Dear Michael…thank you, for all your exceptional works out there. What a wonderful life purpose to have! Just woke up from this.Can you please help me understand why i was intimidated by mine? So, my spirit animal…who appeared after mirages of many animals was a tigress, Esmeralda(?) 32… (m 33)…very authoritative and almost like doing me a favor by appearing…! But yes she had very soft eyes…Courage was the parting msg..she hinted that i should be more vain? Maybe!?!my question what does it mean when I'm seeing a spirit animal that is indimidating and also seemingly… getting impatient with me. No fuzzy cuddly feels.😁
    Ever grateful❤

  6. I felt kinda anxious during this, I don't know why. On top of the mountain I instantly saw a baboon. I started crying because I felt such a strong connection. It felt like finding something long lost, like relief. I could feel it deep inside my chest. I have no idea if this whole experience truly means something, I tend to be quite skeptical of shamanism and what not, but it surely was beautiful.

  7. Before doing this, I have pics of a spiritual being which is a Wolf. Also I have tamed a wild crow. Oh and I have had dreams of a brown wolf. Would love to meet it. Want to see if this comes out the same. I'm excited

  8. This actually worked!?! I have never undergone hypnosis before, but this was amazing. Was very surprised to see that my spirit animal was a leopard.

  9. im not entirely sure if this worked for me, i kept going out of focus and not realizing what was happening, near the top of the mountain i saw images of a rat but at the top i saw a cat. idk which one i should be paying attention to, if anyone can help me figure this out that would be helpful

  10. These always warm my heart but break it so at the same time…

    My spirit animal is a female arctic wolf named Nikita. I'm no stranger to these tutorials but this tutorial is special.

    Life has been crazy and I haven't spoke with Nikita in a while…as I followed this, she walked up to me and pressed her head into my chest.

    That's it. No words. Nothing else happened. I just stood there holding her. It was like I could feel she missed me and was glad to see me again since she has been by my side so long.

    Thank you.

  11. I am not quite sure, what happened but i felt trapped some where in between. I could feel how my mind want to fully let go of control. But my body wanted to. I didn't see my spirit animal. I thought i felt it. And suddenly i hd a stone feeling in my throat. And after tgat i felt my eyes got so heavy and I cried. Not sure if it was me or my animals feelings?
    When I was fully back i felt sad 😔 and heavy.

  12. I know this is 8 years old but I just found this and I was curious, I tried it and it was strange not in a bad way I don't think. I kept seeing a tarantula though, the further the video went on, my left fore arm went numb I couldn't feel it muchless move it. I felt other small numb parts too, I felt a prick on my chest near my collarbone.

    I don't know if this is normal as this was my first attempt, I've read of peoples experience being of other things except a tarantula. Is this normal?

  13. First time this one worked for me. Usually, I fall asleep. I got a white rhino. Very weird and totally unexpected, but strangely fitting.

  14. this is the first hypnosis which actually worked for me! thank you so much for your work 🤍

    i saw a 19 years old wild horse named Rooibos, he (she?) gave me a dandelion’s white fluff and a magic wand

  15. Everytime I see these kinds of videos everyone always says animals they want to represent, for example: wolves, lions, tigers, deer, cats, eagles, etc. It’s okay to have a small animal or “less relevent animal to you like a beatle, frog, butterfly, squirrel, etc. That animal chose you for a reason and you shouldn’t be ashamed.

  16. Whe I found this meditation, I immediately blurted "Michael Seallyyy~?" while mimicking his accent. You know you feel comfortable with an asmr artist when it causes that kind of reaction! I'll return with my found guide in the morning♡

  17. Thank you Micheal, it was amazing to meditate after a long time, I saw an amazing Peacock flying and dancing with glowing magical power emanating from it, it was amaizing

  18. I saw a sabre-toothed panther? It didn't look that big until I got closer. It had long ears like those Caracal cats. When I asked how old, I got ancient beast. I have no clue as to what exactly I saw. Interestingly enough, my very first email I created at school was something panther. It was randomly picked. I guess in retrospect, it wasn't.
    This animal felt huge, majestic, safe.

  19. I had starting crying when I met my animal it became a Elk named Alphonzo stunning and huge Beautiful Elk.

    Alphonz had put they're forehead against mine and I was overwhelmed with childish joy, hope, love and safety I had never felt before the sheer protection I felt in that moment.

    I could feel his fur and the chill in the air.

    But none of it mattered to me, for I would not ever move away even as I got his fur damp and wrapped my arms around his neck he leaned in and I broke it was acceptance of love and a promise of safety and I loved him for it.

    For the hope he gave me and I gave back in return.

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