Guided Meditation – Healing, Cleansing, & Activating

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Beautiful Soul family, Thank you for joining me today in a light code activation.

Allow yourself to open up and stream in Source light to bring healing, cleansing, and activation.

Allow yourself to become centered in this frequency and your soul to be lifted into love.

May all beings be blessed with Divine love and grace.

From my heart to yours 💖❤️

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  1. infinie GRATITUDE Mei-Lan grace a vos sons DIVIN pur ,mon ame retrouve petit a petit sa lumière ! je vois le bout du tunnel arriver ,la lumière pour moi arrive ! lacher le passé ! j'ai fait une roue médecine amérindienne cette année ,la 12 ème gardienne des 13 lunes est justement la gardienne de LA GRATITUDE ,je vous aime !!

  2. PLEASE, EVERYONE…SHARE THIS ON YOUR FACEBOOK… SAY PLEASE FORWARD… We the people for the people to awake the world.. BONUS We can follow Mei-lan on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK. Wahooo

  3. Love your voice,it drives me to the light,love and unity,I m blessed that have you every day in this jurney.
    Thank u
    Thank u
    Thank u😘🥰

  4. I was feeling horrible today for absolutely no reason (no triggers I could find except being tired). House cleanse, music, incense, nothing. Then I ask my spirit guides to help me and I stumbled on this meditation & feel COMPLETELY AT PEACE. I am so grateful for your work and your life. I hope to become a Healer through my voice as well and you are lighting my way to do so. Have a great day

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