[FIRE & ICE!] 45-Min Full Breathwork Session (9 Rounds Guided)

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Download Beat 2: https://breathworkbeats.com/products/the-misty-valley-by-breathwork-beats-peaceful-high
Download Beat 3: https://breathworkbeats.com/products/river-flows-in-you-by-breathwork-beats-powerful
Download Beat 4: https://breathworkbeats.com/products/in-the-jungle-by-breathwork-beats-deep-thinking
Download Beat 5: https://breathworkbeats.com/products/walking-through-the-clouds-by-breathwork-beats-de-stress
Download Beat 6: https://breathworkbeats.com/products/walks-in-the-meadow-by-breathwork-beats-spiritual
Download Beat 7: https://breathworkbeats.com/products/on-our-way-by-breathwork-beats-life-changing
Download Beat 8: https://breathworkbeats.com/products/stargazing-by-breathwork-beats-otherworldly
Download Beat 9: https://breathworkbeats.com/products/flower-power-by-breathwork-beats-inner-light
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  1. Thank you so much for this video and showing us this practice. I’ve been new into breath work and cold exposure the past 6 months I LOVE it.

    I wish there were more intense rounds like this one! I just keep doing this one almost every day now

  2. Thank you 🙏 I’ve done this a few times haven’t made it a daily practice although I know I should but I’m getting there at my own pace! Appreciate you’re combinations and your voice is something really special🤩 Will definitely spread this next time I visit my family

  3. Dan these Handpan samples are entrancing – I listen to this for studying and doing breath work here – thank you for sharing your passion and love, please continue to produce and mix music!

  4. Hey man..You are doin a great job with your clips, thank you so much! I like the way you are doin and giving variations into wimhof! Just a lil feedback from an editor: It seems like you are a bit overloaded with your clips at the moment. Especially in this one, for example in Round 4 (Retention/19min) you have soundpeaks cause of noblends every 10 seconds, which is really the badest for a meditationlike clip..This was the first clip from you which I stopped in the middle because of that.

  5. I have been avoiding this one for whatever reason , but decided to do the full session today and wow. There aren’t words to express the experience: thank you Dan

  6. I'm proud of myself for doing this video. Although, I couldn't do round 6 and 7 holds, I managed to do the full 2 min in round 9. I guess practice will make perfect 🙂

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