no more tech disadvantage

built for creators

drgnfly is being designed by two people who have independently dealt with internet marketing creatives for over 20 years. the chatbot will create and post a social media video in 10 minutes, from your phone.

not only does drgnfly present a way to start a faceless social media channel, but we’ve set it up to be a business opportunity too.

you need absolutely zero tech experience to start a side hustle that can earn you cash on day 1.

it’s not a hard sell

you need side income

it doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper anywhere in the world, so you need to make more money in order to survive in the new world. drgnfly is your buy-in to instant revenue generation. drgnfly removes any objections you may have, because it was built for lazy people.

no face

create and post perfect videos for new entrepreneurs who lack confidence in their voice or appearance.

no time

use your handheld bathroom entertainment system to create a video in under 10 minutes. you got the time.

no tech skills

engage with drgnfly chatbot that prompts and guides you through the video creation and posting process.

no experience

even if this is your first side hustle, we’ll make sure you understand how to make it successful for all of us.

either you control the machines or the machines will control you. use drgnfly ai video creator to post to social media in 10 minutes.

prepare for war

either you control the machines, or the machines will control you.

drgnfly is an ai social media creation tool that posts to original video content to your social media profiles in under 10 monutes, from your phone.
drgnfly ai social video creator creates perfectly optimized videos and publishes them to social media from your phone, in 10 minutes.
let’s make some money

rank and bank

the drgnfly creator partner program was built to help humanity participate in the battle against ai, by learning how to control it while profiting from the technology.

create, post rank your videos, and build followers to attract advertisers in your niche, or market your own white label products like t-shirts, coffee mugs, wall art, and more.

signing up for our creator account will automatically give you access to the drgnfly affiliate program, where you get paid on paid referrals automatically.

any time that you refer someone to drgnfly or someone follows your referral link, you get paid.

if you are making one video per day, that gets put in front of at least 2000 people per platform, then ten thousand people per day could see your drgnfly creator referral link.

you already know people are going to sign up, and you don’t even have to try.

more about the program

frequently asked questions

when you sign up as a creator, we assign you a short affiliate code of your choice. this affiliate link will appear at various different places throughout the video, but will not be intrusive to the user experience. you can include your referral link in your bio links and the description of the videos. drgnfly is strictly a referral based business and we interview each client, so we value our referral partners and want to get you paid.

drngfly will post to 5 social media networks.

create, schedule, and post to youtube, facebook reels, instagram reels, tiktok, linkedin, or pinterest.

for the $5K version, you get access to the same version that brands pay $25K to have custom built for their business. if you ever want to upgrade your account to the brand account, we will apply a credit of $5K towards your upgrade and customized server.

no, none at all. it might seem strange, but this is where we are at with ai at this very moment. we’ve both coupled our 20+ years individual internet marketing experiences into drgnfly and made it so simple that you just engage with a chatbot. everything else is done on the backend by drgnfly.

nope, not really. we can provide the top 5 niches that look like there is an opportunity to grow subscribers and followers. once you pick a niche, we can also suggest a few names for your channels and guide you through the process of setting up the accounts, then connecting the accounts to drgnfly.

we are constantly working on improving drgnfly and we can provide a number of tricks, hacks, and tools that can help supplement your new side business and save you time, while you make money in your sleep.

we’ve made it so easy, that you shouldn’t really need any support. but don’t worry, we’re always available. just be patient and get in touch.

drgnfly is an ai video maker that creates social media videos direct from your phone in less than ten minutes. the best ai social media tool is drgnfly app.
drgnfly ai video creator lets you create and post faceless videos to social media from your cell phone in less than 10 minutes.
secure your spot in the future for humanity

the rundown

here’s what you get:

  • access to mobile drgnfly bot
  • post to 5 different social networks
  • unlimited video creation
  • drgnfly branding