This is the simplest way to explain the 5th dimension! If you’re still unsure what 5D consciousness is, watch this video ASAP! ✨

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I love diving deep into the topic of this higher consciousness spiritual shift! This time we not only dive deep but first and foremost we will discuss the simplest way to have the 5th dimension explained. What is the 5th dimension? What does the 5th dimension look like? What is the 5th dimension meaning? And how does the 5th dimension frequency feel like? I want to give you as many resources as possible during this 5D shift and shift from 3D to 5D. That’s why I’m doing these videos! I’m happy to be on earth with you and I’m grateful you’re going through or went through a spiritual awakening. We need you here and we want you in the 5D earth and 5th dimension of consciousness. What is the 5D dimension? You will know after this video!


Am I shifting to 5D (fifth dimension)? 17 signs you’re shifting:

Important info for 5th dimension living:

0:00 Intro
0:28 Pyramid and the 5th dimension
6:00 From mind to heart
9:41 5D and the feeling of union
15:02 Outro

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