“There’s been sightings across the whole country” | Tory MP on UFOs

Conservative MP Larry Maguire says there has been little discourse in Canada about UFO sightings across the country.

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  1. They are flying around in the air, using everyone's WiFi for free. Then they go on the internet and do stuff. They're hackers from space is what they are!

  2. You only have to observe how the Canadian government… Mishandled the so called pandemic, to begin understand, why no such government investigations have taken place… regarding this ongoing… phenomenon*.

  3. Truth is, nobody WANTS to have this conversation. It is pretty bleak for humanity so far as any pecking order is concerned….

  4. Me and Eric Heiseman were down in Mexico two weeks ago and saw 40 of them flying in formation. They come here all the time. Ever since we started bouncing radar beams off the moon back in nineteen hundred and fifty three.

  5. Canada might even have more sightings but our government just does not take it seriously, all sides all politicians, we need someone to force the subject out into the light.

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  7. Obviously time travel was invented some time in the future, the real reason for this that human's discovered time travel themselves. That's the reason for all this . Who thinks that's the reason as well .

  8. Canada seems to always be in the shadow of the United States. Why were they quite all thos time. Citizens have been telling stories about ET sightings, but were always ridiculed. Ridiculous.

  9. Got a mate who was in the navy who claimed he saw some strange things at night. Have not spoken to him for many years, he always seemed like a gun nut. Maybe what he said was true?

  10. Not much point of pumping more taxpayer money into this if the wealthiest/most powerful country in the world is stumped. As no UAP has ever been in a collision with our aircraft,what danger do they represent? If they ARE little green men,they are demonstrably so advanced we don't have a hope in hell of affecting their behavior unless they announce they want to sit down and talk.

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  12. If the info is made public, then the revelation that there is a certain "orange glowing" alien species that is extremely dangerous and aggressive towards the human species would be known worldwide. A species that humanity is being protected against by other species. I agree, that would seriously terrify many everywhere.

    Over time, it's unlikely this can be kept secret.

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