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Welcome to the complete reading of the Aquarian Age Edition of the Tao Te Ching! This has been a labor of love for us for many months now, and it is an honour to share it with you today.

These 81 verses are ancient wisdom teachings which have withstood the tests of time, and today are just as relevant as they were 2500 years ago.


With all of our love,
Patchman, ShePatch and Team Spirit

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  1. Thank you for this πŸ’Ž πŸ’™

    May we all spiral upward in conciouness, rideing the wave πŸŒ€ πŸ‘ 🌎

    ✌ Peace & Love πŸ’›

  2. Hi Spirit. This is a Very Important question. Would you consider doing a video on your video making process? Do you write your text first, then draw or vice versa. Story boarding? Thank you for all your dedication.

  3. Dismantling Governments worldwide brings a great maturity to the Peoples spirituality measured in the consciousness of the planet, this in turn develops tremendous kindness, prosperity and a balance that is felt across the universe 🌱

  4. just ordered this. this is a perfect starting tool to use with my 7 year old daughter. i haven't taught her much of any of this because i didn't know where to even start. i plan on reading a page a day and trying to have her grasp the concepts.

  5. β€œWhen you're old you'll take comfort in knowing that the Mountain will endure long after you've turned to dust. The season will come and go, snow will fall, the land sleeps, the violets bloom, and the green leaves of spring come again. They grow for a summer and turn all their colors. And then the snow, and it goes on like this. It's the way of things.”

  6. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess. By his divine power I bestow upon you the truth. Blessed are those that have eyes to see, and ears to hear. Out of Zions hill Salvation comes

  7. Bro i love your videos but i want to enlighten you about the earth being flat with the stars in the firmament and the moon and sun being inside of our enclosed system. You might already know it but i'll drop some chapters from the bible. I can also recommend flat earth flat water on youtube (Genesis 1:7, Job 37:18, Revelation 6:13, Psalms 104:5.)
    Remember truth and knowledge is necessary to achieve full enlightenment.
    1 Love

  8. Tao Te Ching adheres to the Law of Pattern and Law of Fractals of the Cosmic. There is no one straight path that leads to Eternal life. Duality always exists in the Universe. Soul is immortal. Each soul is a fractal of the Universe. Hence, whatever path one has taken, it must be known that each path a soul residing in a vessel such as a human body is the Universe's creative way to undertake myriads of experiences. And from these experiences, lessons can be learned.

    Again, the limitation of the consciousness that has known there is only one path is a tactic of certain religion to control and manipulate.

    Even Jesus, in his younger years, went to the Far East and learned the teachings of Buddhism and Confucianism. I won't be surprised if he also learned about Taoism and Tao te ching.

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