The Seven Mayan Prophecies & The Age of Aquarius

The Maya did not speak of the end of the world; specifically, they said that everything transforms, that the only thing which remains is the spirit, in its journey of evolution toward higher levels. They left us the inhabitants of the planet a message written in stone. A message that contained seven prophecies.



  1. How do you say that Jupiter and Saturn conjunction 2020 was in Aquarius? I saw Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn 2020 with my own eyes. All the star charts show this conjunction in Capricorn. So, please explain how you say the conjunction happened in Aquarius? Thanks

  2. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. Could it be that the counterfeit version of all this connectivity has to do with technology and the digital realm? Whereas the true connectivity through God happens within us and organically? Seems like
    Those in power want everyone to be plugged into a digital realm as the matrix

  3. Lovely video, but the flute kind of drowned you out at points. Probably right when you were telling me how to do telepathy or something.

  4. Could we really unite as a species? The Europeans are in control since they enslaved the Mayans and reclassified them as African American/blacks 🤦🏾‍♂️ Christopher Columbus wrote it in his diary on his voyage what he seen from North to South America all the way out to the West Indies swarthy/Carmel people that resemble the Ethiopians in Africa

  5. Nicely done. Is it not posited that the Pope Gregorys Calendar adjustment from Julians, to account for Leap Years, has led to the 8 year difference from 2012 to 2020, hence all the 2012 movies etc, were those 8 years out, until the real conjunction? Seems they timed COVIDs theatre to follow that moment and try to rule by fear.

  6. Weird !!!
    I JUST watched a short from a guy …@AstroKobi…talking about a distant galaxy that is shooting a stream of…??? Energy or whatever at us.
    Then I see this.

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