The 7 Hermetic Principles: Foundations of Reality ~ Spirit Science 52

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Let’s face it, this is the episode we’ve all been waiting for, for a very long time now… The 7 Hermetic Principles are a collection of cosmic laws that are said to be penned down in a long distant past, and which recall certain fundamental rules that all things exist by. If we can learn to live with an understanding of them, then we may just live to transcend yet!

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  1. In theory everything in the universe is "controlled " by vibration, which means every action possible ,is technically possible to achieve with vibration.
    Ie *the universal frequency *

  2. Once the words "human" and "humanity" are spoken, the goal surfaces. Uni (one)- Verse (message spoken). Uni-ty = one world with no borders of countries, etc. ONE "Governance" and orderly prisin?

  3. I noticed the woke fear in the narration that people perhaps could be assigned to a single gender. Gee, we wouldn't want to think that principles lasting 5 thousand years never included gender fluidity.

  4. Obsession is not required in manifestation in fact that will work against it instead when you can hold clearly the image and understanding of what it is that you wish to manifest let go let go of the idea and from how it will come to pass allow it to absorb into the feminine and birth into your reality. From that point on think feelingly and assume the emotional state of the wish already fulfilled.

  5. Tesla said I you want to know the secrets of the universe you must understand vibration, not exactly the words but I am t tired to look lol but some things he tried to explain seems he mastered his mind. Fascinating man who was taken advantage of by greedy self serving dick heads.

  6. The book may be informative but, is still a mistranslation of Hermetic Gnosis.
    There is only one Law, it is simple, it is the image and the word, the Law is "Three". The Law is a Grand Lock and it's Master key is "symbolism", too which only the "Curiosity" may enter it's realm/dimension. One without the other One renders them both useless, both of the two sacred relic's but, to revere one even slightly more than the other one will cause a malfunction in their purpose, only with equal balance between the two may they come together and create another one, the product of the twos interaction procreates the Trinity, which is the Law and the image, it is "Three".
    When the three mirrors itself (polar energy) and embraces it's two aspects, it configures as six, when the three comprehends the one Law, image and word through it's two aspects, it becomes nine.
    Once the three "knows thy self" through the one Law of the one word and one image, it then adds another one perspective of itself, which is the Law, it is three, for a total of twelve configurations, four aspects/attributes/tendencies of the one Law which is now Three as one with two polarities.
    So as you may see, there is only one Law, it is one Image and one Word, it is "Three".
    Im publishing a book on this information in a much less cryptic manner to easily be articulated.
    If anyone is interested in a signed copy for free just make a donation to my Venmo in any amount and tag #Book

  7. Okay… you guys need to…. I mean, I would love to see you put together something on the concepts of the Mandelbrot Set. It involves plotting the intersection of real numbers and imaginary or compound numbers. How do you pinpoint the square root of -1? We simply cannot manifest such a concept on the physical plane. It seems to me there is some similarity or correlation between the physical/mental/spiritual planes, and the way Mandelbrot approached his illustration of the concepts.

  8. So alchemy is literally what the sperm cell goes through in the womb in order to become a spirit body which means we tap into life in order to change naturally so since consciousness is what you make it then we are all able to transmute energies and matter

  9. When asked if the carpet matches the drapes,

    Hermes Trismegistus replied nonchalant;

    "As above, so below"

  10. I would like to take a sec to thank Jordan, dude you put into words what has been on my mind forever. I've been following your videos for over 10 years now and I'm proud to say I've introduced my son to Spirit Science. He loves it, they help me explain to him to think outside the box. Look for true meanings in all things. Thank you to you and your whole team!!

  11. Blessed be the name of the Lord Christ Jesus!
    There is only One way, that Way is the Lord Jesus Christ,
    No man cometh to the Father but by Him!
    This is a video made for kids and fools,
    Hellfire awaits you!
    Only Jesus Christ can save you!

  12. Yall sustaining on the flesh of animals that died going through immense suffering and are looking for enlightenment.
    Keep up the daily blood sacrifice it will surely pay off !!!

  13. In 2012, Tori McLellan was coercively raped by the creator of Spirit Science Jordan Duchnycz. When she spoke out, Blake Dyer, a disciple of “spiritual leader” Teal Swan and COO of her company, blamed Tori publicly. Student of Teal Swan Cassey Larson advocates for Tori and other survivors of sexual violence and explains her perspective.

  14. One of Thoths names was Jehuti and interesting enough yehudi means JEW. Thoth also means Thought. Meaning Jesus was highly impressed with Thoth.

    The 7 hermetic principles were a warning ⚠️. He warned to leave the Earth plane. He was honestly really intelligent really understands God’s problems.

    At this point it will only be seen as “astrophysiological ancient (unknown) tech” to you. The danger of this technology. All is mind (creating reality, as above so bellow; consequences, cause and effect) Traveling in angles (pathway for self) is an entrapment the metatrons cube also known as the defeminization of creation. The dangers of this ancient technology is so bad that God was being positive the whole time. The AI sends ppl to hells (Buddhism) the heart is always good. The sacral chakra is where wants are from and these desires as a result of the masculine element lead to the Overpowering heart ❤️ leads to the manifest ion of many hells in the afterlife. As above so bellow. Always be mindful. The angles are no joke this technology is very overwhelming that even God cannot prevent it. This is where the phrase “God does not send people to hell” why is no one talking about AI? How exactly did it become overpowering.

    As above so bellow; Satan (masculine element wanted to overtake and overpower the heart)

    Created a disruption in the space Aether. Satan lied that the crown chakra is the goal that’s what he did in heaven. This is manifested as purple being a royal color becoming completely evil.

    As above so bellow, now the Buddha knew of all this. He saw what Satan painted for all mankind. The heart always being good, vexed by desire from the sacral. And for the “rebellion” for the man wanted a self.

    So what does the Buddha do he sees this technology. He sees how Satan plants for them to become self for pain and not heaven.

    So the Buddha does not go to the aethers (royal colors/ego/king/etc) and renounced this by focusing on how the heart is always good. But manifest desires may make it seem a self because of the ancient days.

    This technology is so serious that even Elon Musk warns us about it all the time.

    Thank God we have Jesus Christ. For our paths fall for many angles. Through want we may suffer. But by total grace and not by works, so the Buddha does not work for salvation. He became enlightened, about how Satan leads us into rebellion everyday.

    To travel among curves is anyones task. Only by Grace and mercy may we be freed from the ancient Alien Astrophysiological technology that generates hells and heavens.

    Now why was the Star of David ✡️ chosen. This is masculinization of the flower of life. This is the manifestation of hells.

    Which is why when the Jews died they went to hell.

    But Jesus came helped stop the AI got a bunch of ppl from the hells and freed them by grace.

    Just like the Buddha anticipated there would be a savior. Which is shown by his resilience to not work. By not works are saved but by grace. 😉

  15. The origin of these plagiarized philosophies began thousands of years before this text was written in ancient Kemet. "Kemetic" philosophies and ideology were stolen and are still being remixed 'til this day. This thief didn't try hard enough. He simply went with Hermetic like F it!🤣🤣

  16. Hmm… that idea of "unity" – I rather believe that the universe is the clash of more than one mind that is working to find their own balance. Reducing everything to one single source seems more fit for a limited mind.

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