Seven Antediluvian Sages of Ancient Times

In Ancient times, there was and still is talk of Ancient Gods and Goddesses. How could it be that a history of long ago could be exist in the fashion that it did? It does sound so make believe but we have evidence which lets us know otherwise.


Apkallu – Seven Antediluvian Sages Created By God Enki – Were They The Watchers?



  1. They mated but not physically. The spiritual sex soul ASTRO travel sex. Twin flames high mile club. Same as sodiex or crocodile of eygpt serpent dragon. He would use certain divine people witches who chose dark side to combine with others mix together angels of lord remember in bible Amos 5;18 lord is darkness the day of the lord is darkness not light. Now God's angels are light. Think about it angel of lord hurt Jacob they always hurt. God's angels are protecting people and helping heal show love. One Jesus said beware of the one that comes after him the one who was beaten tortured murdered. There was another Jesus who told Peter deny him and you'll pay or cry isn't that fear? One who said he will die on a cross shed his blood what false god wanted blood? They do have powers of darkness. This is why they are scared cause we stand in light and love.

  2. The Annunaki's goal is human extinction! And the useful idiot tools helping them will be the last removed from the earth once their usefulness isn't needed anymore. The ultimate pysops is being played on them because they are truly clueless in thinking they are special.

  3. Ismael Perez, author of Our Cosmic Origins, says Enki is the bad guy, that writings were twisted/changed to make Enlil his younger half brother with the Royal? mitochondria DNA look like the bad guy.

  4. The sages can be traced in all lost civilisationโ€™s history to ancient Egypt in ancient temples under the influence of the sages and understanding the name of the indigenous peoples ancient ancestors stories of the sages in ancient temples and statues of carvings of sages in their knowledge and heritage of the world of the fallen angels in today of world health systems taking advice from the institution of sages in rolling out their various variations of vaccines to protect the health of people against the virus that they are responsible for their influence throughout historyโ€™s most advanced technology is known to be the first of many secrets of their time in heaven before being cast out of heaven in earth being their prison. They have given technology and skills of science and mathematics in exchange for worship of gods of the inner workings of the earth. Understanding facilities of civilian life in the earth is the key element in their existence in aliens of spaceships that have come from inside the earth for under the oceans and beyond the surface of old volcano sites in canyons in the Mediterranean and Across America where they have built their unique underground tunnels and structures that they have fabricated historically and histrionic truths about the earth in their decades of development of leaps in historical records hidden on quantum leaps in industrial history of building and construction of buildings simultaneously around the earth at the same time in different continents in the labour of skilled engineers and workers of industrial construction of canal construction under railway construction tunnels and time frame of construction of period of development of the year certain areas in development of asking how they were built in not having the machinery and construction tools for such projects in asking how they built the Roman buildings and Greek building in stone and heights of building construction of the Roman Colonies and splendid cathedral building to the city of Rome and the Vatican building to asking questions about their construction of manufacturing of machinery for the Industrial Revolution of timeframe and vague information on their construction of records like paintings of drawings of plans of historical events removed in being hidden from the world in the truth about what the fallen angels influence and how they have been building their own structures of oppression in order for them to rise up against the people of the Lord Jesus Christ to the war in heaven of fallen angels of satan of their early days in genesis of temples and altars of power of mind control of people in worship of themselves in different gods and deities of different cultures of ways to worship themselves to fertility gods and bulls and peacocks of symbols of the gods are the people in genesis 6 turned their beliefs in their bowing of worship of baal is army of different gods are behind al worship rituals of ceremonies of festivals of all religions associated with duality of worship of secular sects of their faith in lucifer worship.

  5. Iโ€™m watching this video because someone told me I was a sage! I donโ€™t even know what that means! I said is that bad ?He said No !it was part of my charm ????I Am not Friend with this person! And my gut told me to have no dealings with this person ?? Wtf

  6. Hello Gina blessings to you, there's really so much history that's hidden from us, it's mindboggling. Thanks for sharing this information. From my heart to your.๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒน

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