Secrets of the Pineal Gland

Ancient traditions knew of the pineal and enshrouded its mysteries in their lore. They knew that the pineal plays a role in our spiritual development and communication with spiritual beings. But with an increasingly toxic world, many people do not know of the innate gifts inherent to an open pineal.

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  1. We have officially found out that is fully endogenous in the human body And is just as present as serotonin and dopamine within the brain possibly finding out that it is a neurotransmitter itself that activates certain higher functions and the pineal gland of course


    certain media Outlets and even entertainment such as movies and maybe games, want to make it look like a calcified pineal gland is natural…or anything in YOU that basically becomes sick is natural…painting a mental picture that unhealthy issues that rise is natural when it is not, these internal unhealthy issues are a result of chemicals in products that are mass produced and more…stick to a plant based diet…get plenty of sun…plant your feet on natural terrain…make friends with the animals, stand up and protect each other from oppression and remember NOONE owns the earth…Namaste.

  3. Has anyone heard of aphantasia? Does it mean my third eye is blind? That I don’t have a soul? I finally understand why I haven’t had the same experiences as others even with my work but I’ve heard ayahuasca could fix this

  4. I'm sure it was quiet for a while. The ability to make up this unnatural and uneducated pseudoscience has to strain your imagination. But all of that ignorance can be cured with 3 doses of logic and education for 3 payments of… well nothing. Just think critically. You don't have to believe the science that has already proved every word of this channels vomit wrong. Just learn how to test his ideas without bias and you will see the flaw in his claims.

  5. I believe it's what God gives you, nothing shouldn't become forced or wanted. It should be natural for you. Awareness and reading or understanding energy from 9thers is just being aware, thats normal. What about visions about the future or mind reading? That's the real

  6. Serotonin is Not the day light neurotransmiter, according to Andrew Huberman. It is in fact the evening neurotransmiter. I used to trust all these ppl and videos but now Im just not that blind.

  7. I had out of near death experience and multiple times out of body experience I can see good spirits among the bad unfortunately good look beautiful radiant stars in the night that shines upon us like the sun and the bad looks horrible and they sound awful to see or hear ever but both side can speak besides interactive on earth and do stuff I know and I wish for archangel and everyone who is a kind hearted angels and all the guiding angels to protect earth and innocent souls among the issues on earth always with god’s the blessing and mercy of gods grace on god’s command only when it comes from from heaven to earth god send miracles he gave me another chance to live again and to help my family and friends to keep hope alive and miracle come from the mighty god our creator in heaven he loves us all. God is real god is good remember he loves is pure and he’s righteous the he the king 👑

  8. I had one near death experience age38 and multiple out of body experience since I was 2 years 10 years old 14–15 years old 20 28-29years old in my 30-40 I still have out of body experience more than 1 time a day when I rest I have it 3-6or more times a day then normal and I keep counting every time my soul suddenly gets thrown back in to my body roughly and I can sense it strong enough to know I am wondering away from my body every time at every day when I have to sleep I want to fly or walk around try to help others in need or make sure everyone is safe and etc but my soul doesn’t want to be with the body anymore I think that’s why my spirits goes everywhere else’s and spirits communicating with me suddenly I also talked to past life children i lost in miscarriage’s and dead relatives and family extended to me I never seen in real life only in spiritual life I meet them all

  9. Yes and they keep giving me a ban on Facebook because reptilians want to dumb humanity down and nobody really wants to speak the truth about the pineal gland many false prophets amongst us .

  10. i opened my 3rd eye and it feels like my forehead is on fire please its to intence can anyone help me what should i do ?? please

  11. Can't you see

    What you've been taught at school is wrong

    Now you know

    That you have been 'TV mind control'

    You're fed up

    From all the things you got in mind

    Searching for the right

    Looking all around

    Be Aware of your consciousness

    Exercise that for me

    And so, The Pineal Gland

    My friend is the 'Key'.

    Words by : The Day When I Saw The Light

  12. Disappointing, David Wilcox has been proven a liar.. Now I've got to double check everything he said, and by proxy, the whole video, *sigh*.. it seemed good, other than Wilcox..💚

  13. There was a tremendous event tgar occured on December w1st , 2012 that mist people aren't aware of. It was The Great Shift.Thus is where alternating timelines converged towards Conscious Collective! We are transforming into Chrust Consciousness ! This is so huge and mist dibt even realize what's going on. They discovered The Lookung Glass concept ( where they w sew actually able to SEW future events where the future would be revealed Thus gave these ultra wealthy ( 1% a HUGE advantage over regular people. People such as Lockheed and Martin were well aware of the potential this technology held. Wnavlung them to sew where we heading in the ways if technology and the future and used this to secure their futures, actually attempting to redirect our timeline and in effect change our future. Fortunately they discovered to their distant tgat they could not successfully change the future. No matter what they tried eventually tge scenario played out hyst as it should as it was predicted. . They had had means ri birth 8only see the future but also learned about time dilation and time travel. The Manhattan Project was a successful experiment where they were not only able to replicate a SHIP but were able to do so by found that time had a tually moved BACKWARDS despite the fact it had moved miles and miles from the original location.

  14. I took a canabis edible one time, it activated my pineal gland sending me on a spiraling spiritual awakening. For a bout 2 months I was sad, I cried, I laughed, I learned. What a crazy ride, I'm now all stable but have this plethora of new knowledge. Thanks for the vid Spiritverse!

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