Rosicrucian Alchemical Practices for Developing Clairvoyant Faculties (Extremely Powerful)

Speaker: Dr Robert Gilbert

00:00 – The Awakened Self (The Foundational Principle)
01:30 – Developing Soul Qualities
03:00 – The Backward Review Practice
04:30 – The Awareness Of Spiritual Beings & Forces Practice
06:15 – The Observation Of Life Forces (Developing Clairvoyant Mental Faculties )
09:00 – The Dissolving Practice (The Alchemical Way To Read Spiritual Texts)
10:00 – The Perceptive / Conceptive Mental Breathing Practice (How To See Spirit Within All Matter)
12:00 – The Crystallisation & Dissolving Process
13:40 – Christic Ascension VS Luciferic Ascension

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Music: Nightmare Owl



  1. marxist epistemology makes this all useless as anything but insight into people without modern technology. most people figure it out via science fiction logic alone, more and more i can see what these mysterians are doing has a logic to it, but its weak, outdated, cringe

  2. Save your time people these are fake practices. It's ok to ask a teacher to prove themselves. Ask a rosicrucian to demonstrate their advanced abilities….they have nothjng

  3. I have looked back over My WHOLE LIFE called SOUL searching AND I found ALL the Missing piece's and turned my whole life again around FOR My Life sake 🍶

  4. That definition of equanimity is not a good one at all. In fact it can be called misleading by someone who knows.
    To have equanimity
    Is a milestone ! ! ! Period
    And when people start off lying or trying to mislead me ;
    They have shown me who they are….
    And I believe them.
    People :
    Take this with a grain of salt 🧂

  5. Nice video, well presented. I had a practice of going through my day for a few months, it was very helpful. First time I woke up in my dreams and flew. 🙂
    It is hard to stay solely focused on day recap , mind likes to play with you little games. 🙂

  6. What a beautiful and fascinating discussion! I wish everyone had this mindset, open to possibilities, reviewing our past activities and always observing ourselves, to keep us grounded while moving forward. I've always felt this is the way to live and has helped me grow, I didn't realize these are steps in a larger journey, thank you for this, I'm definitely looking deeper into this aspect of life and some of the steps I can take to be a deeper and more happy person, THANK YOU!

  7. The main issue I'm personally having right now is that I'm more into the "Luciferic ascension" more than the Christic one and I'm aware it may mean suicide. However, I'm not into Luciferic spirituality given that I don't want to be overly positive to the point of unrealistic delusion to people who are suffering; I need to present and give relevant solutions without being dissociated to their predicament from my point of strength. I literally want to "get out of here as quickly as possible" but not without certain strings attached…. I mean…I would've done so if I wanted to by now already. The reasons behind me wanting to get out of here as quickly as possible is to avoid having to interact with the people here but I don't mind working for their progress as long as they leave me be afterwards. In other words, I don't care about being recognized for this achievement given that I perceive that whatever positive sentiments people will show will only be associated with the achievements I do for them and they will be acting like fans instead of caring about me as a person. I only care about having interactions with nicer but still more realistic versions of people in an alternate timeline in order to ensure never having to interact with the current timeline again and in order to be a better person myself. Besides, having to do meaningful socioeconomic experiments that I only realize the necessity of so far within my local environment is important regardless of the outcome. Afterwards, I would ensure my own end to gain a strategic advantage and arrange the means for my separation from all sorts of people and yes that includes the ones who are unapologetically bad inside out, the outwardly bad but with limited potential for good given that they will be in denial about the actual nature of this bad and most obviously the outwardly good but actually bad. I know now that it means conscious rejection, I prefer conscious rejection rather than denial even if it was within myself. This conscious rejection says: "I know you exist, I just choose not to interact with you. If I'm expendable, moldable and replaceable to you then I could say the same about you as well. I hereby deny you any future possibility of reconciliation once I've decided that this will be happening but I won't harm you deliberately. I also know that you have an idealized version of me somewhere that bends to your personal biases and so do I except that I don't lie about these versions and say that I never think about them or exaggerate those preferable versions into being extremely unrealistic." I don't believe that I should reveal everything about myself in order to have healthy connections, they only need to know the parts that have changed for the better….certain secrets should stay secrets if they have the potential to cause misunderstandings.

  8. I Can actívate the crown Chakra and third eye on command. It’s feels like a spiral. I also Can shoot this magnetic type energy from my forehead to my toes and back. It’s a very powerful feeling. I taught myself all of the stuff this video talks about by connecting to the God spirit within, all the answers came to me. I studied nature a lot, everything is hidden in plain sight. Actually, nothing is hidden, we’ve just gone blind to what’s true. Once you reach this state, you can’t unsee what you see. It’s a gift but sometimes can feel like a curse, because you can see into the future. You can see clearly where we’re headed, you can see how this cycle ends and then begins again. What I realized is that once you become that aware, the only thing you can do is be in a state of acceptance. You realize the darkness and the light are all part of one thing. You surrender to love. Sometimes I wonder what am I supposed to do with all of this knowledge that I have now. How do I reach the right people? Am I supposed to share what I’ve discovered? Who knows…wish you all the best in your spiritual journey. Study the original trinity of ancient Egypt, that will lead you to the truth. Where there is 3 there is life. As above so below…

  9. its funny, the vipassana organization in Germany does sometimes ten day courses in rosicrucian facilities… and equanimity (with awareness) is one of the main faculties one develops in Vipassana meditation… also Vipassana means not only insight but seeing things from all angles… there seems to be a lot of common things

  10. i really would like if someone respond to what im about to say, which is truth and nothing but. i paused this video at 11:09 to say this: everything before the 11 minutes have been told to me by something inside my head years ago as a child. for the longest i thought i was suffering and going crazy.. it didnt make sense to anyone I spoke too. "it sounded crazy"… now all i have is my lady and son to talk too… been in dallas since 2018 but ive been able to see and hear things that go beyond what i can even grasp. my own mind led me to understand my mind. no inspirations except from childhood traumas and troubled 20's .. haha ive been going through the ocean floor and back is how it feels… just glad I finally made it here… when you was hitting that the bible was code, I honestly believe the creator told me that, also pointed out some of the bs too haha .. welll i dont wanna steer off subject. who am i ? why do i already know these things.. i havent been studying anything.. why do i want to travel the world. why do i want to plant seeds in people , is it chaos, is it the fire rapture inside of us? who knows… im just some random black guy….. chow !

  11. Was good info until the end and switching lucifer with Jesus..
    you did polish that tûrd pretty well because we do need to learn and Jesus didn't abandon us BUT
    that's all twisted nonsense, Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world and scripture says friendship with the world is enmity with God.

    Why do you work for the one that needs all the help and believe he can defeat God ?
    Why do you think an angel from the dawn of time has anything but disgust for you ?
    Better work on that ego, pride comes before the fall just like your daddy…

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