Intro to Synchronicities | why patterns in your life aren’t a coincidence

This video gives an intro to synchronicities.

In this introduction to synchronicity we explore the following: One of the most common ways to dismiss an idea, is to say “it’s just a coincidence.” But how do we know if something really IS a coincidence? We explore the question of coincidence, synchronicity, and numerology in this video.

This is something even scientists have struggled with. We can see this in the example of geologist Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift. We also see it in the real life story of Paul and Esther Grachan. These examples tell us that we should b skeptical whenever so-called experts dismiss something as ‘just a coincidence.” In the words of Nobel Prize winning physicist, Percy Williams Bridgman: “coincidence is what you have left over after you’ve applied a bad theory.”

Gregg Levoy once said: “When you’re on the right path, the universe winks and nods at you from time to time, just to let you know. And once you start noticing these little cosmic clues. Once you understand that you’re on a path at all, you’ll begin to see them everywhere.’

These clues are what Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung called “Synchronicity.” In 1952, Jung published a paper explaining that, in the same way that we can connect events by cause and effect, we can also connect them with meaning. Synchronicity happens when there’s a meaningful coincidence. Jung believed that life is not a series of random events, but rather an expression of a deeper order, which he called “Unus mundus.” In fact, Jung’s concept of Unus Mundus bears a striking similarity to Pythagoras’ idea that everything in the universe is connected by a fundamental mathematical structure. In a much broader sense, our whole universe can be thought of as an almost impossible coincidence. Many scientists have pointed out that the physicals laws we see all around us, seem to be perfectly arranged, in just the right way, in order to support life as we know it. An idea known as the “fine tuned universe.”

And if we go even deeper, we find another type of synchronicity that shows up in relation to numbers. According to Numerology, when you see numbers that keep appearing in your life over and over again, in different situations, and in different ways, it’s not an accident. It’s happening for a reason. Find out more in this introduction to synchronicity.

TIMESTAMPS for intro to synchronicities

00:00 – Prologue
00:35 – The Story of Continental Drift
04:12 – The Story of Paul Grachan
06:40 – What is Synchronicity?
10:30 – Epilogue



  1. Eight years after conceiveing my first child in October we decided to have a second. Three Octobers in a row I miscarried twice on the 21st. And once on the 15th. I have learned to hate and fear October. Another coincidence was a teacher I had at junior school moved to my same senior school. After six weeks in the top year I told the headmistress I was leaving. The same teacher came up to me and offered me my dream job. She always apparently recruited for the company. I was too young , most had degrees but I was hired. There I made a best friend who introduced me to my future husband of 58 years. I have had many coincidences in my life.

  2. Over the course of my life, I've had numerous dreams which were more like photographs instead of movies. Like snapshots of something which had not yet been completed. I usually forget them…until I see them in real life months or years later. Example: in H.S. art class, I drew a catepiller crawling up a branch. I began coloring it in but had to stop when the bell rang, and left it unfinished. I don't recall how long it took, but I later came across some sort of book on nature, and stumbled across a page which showed the same catepillar crawling up the same branch, and the artistic approach the illustrator had used was to color in only part of the animal and show outlines for the rest. As soon as I noticed where he had stopped the color portion of the catepillar, the dream image popped into my head like a flash flood, because it was the same place I had to stop back in High School. (Most of these "dreamshots" are like that…my memory won't trigger until the real-life event gets to the EXACT point of whatever perspective the image had presented.)

  3. Just look how we misinterpret words. Coincidence is a two meaning word , co and incidence. In german we say Zufall, which means originally, that something falls towards you what is meant for you. Nowadays, both are interpreted as something that has no relation to something else, but it means the opposite as the word says it itself. Check your language about how many words are misused. 🙂

  4. When I was in college I told myself at some point " today I must dress nice because I will meet my future husband" so I did came across my old friend in the most miraculous way but he was in a relationship and I didn't interfered because I have morals.. and now I am still wondering was he or not the one ? Because everytime I told the universe to give me something he served ..

  5. Beautiful video. Last week I had a big synchronicity. I had a dream about a dog emerging from a creek and running up the bank and jumping into my arms. That morning I saw a book in our library did I had never seen before. The cover photo was of a dog just like in my dream coming out of a creek. It really startled me.

  6. Something weird that happened to me was I felt that someone had died I didn’t know it was my cousin but I just knew someone really closed to me died,later on in the day my aunt called me and told me he was murder it happen in the night while I was sleeping I didn’t dream of nothing but when I woke up I felt that someone died it’s fucking weird maybe this is normal it just never happen to me before and I’ve have a couple friends and family members that been killed

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