HUMAN 2.0 – Spiritual Warfare is upon us – Infinite Waters

Ralph Smart is a psychologist, author, counselor, alchemist, relationship guide and creator of the popular YouTube channel, “Infinite Waters”. To view more inspiring content from Ralph, check out his channel

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  1. Oh shit I used gpt3 for a few hours to build my website, it's really useful.

    But yes, it stays a tool, it mustn't be a part of us

  2. You forgot to add that not only do the powers that be fear love, they love hate and use it constantly to control, manipulate, and corrupt people.

  3. Well said my friend, the internet can be a powerful tool to learn from, it can also be a prison when you spend to much time on it, the best thing I ever did was putting it down to start reading books again, to get outside and scuba dive or bike ride, I also changed my diet and I feel so much better, years of taking heartburn meds spending thousands of $, now I don't need them. Get outside, sweat, live life!

  4. 1111 Thank You God Bless ALL With Lots Of Unconditional Love & Light Energy, Peace, Compassion, Freedom, Happiness, Power Protection. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Sending Lots Of Good Positive Powers, Energies & Good Positive Vibes To ALL. Thank You God Bless Peace Unconditional & Light Energy, Peace. Thank You, Peace, Cheers!!!! 369, 1111

  5. There is a lot of truth in this talk and I am on the side of life affirmation, love based courage, plurality, environmental and universal harmony but I'm a bit uneasy with the "They, the Inorganic Ones" framing. Who are "They"? When I was 20, when ever I said "They" I was rightfully called out for being vague and illusive with my thoughts and conclusions. "Inorganic Ones"? Is there a cabal of Sauron Smoking Men planning things or is there only ideology of profit motivations and fear of death motivations? I find it more compelling that there are systems that we all live in and participate in, sometimes with consent, and others without, in a confusing network of civilizational complexity with people feeling lost in the supermarket, and hopeless in imagining alternatives. I agree that great awakenings are occurring and that in fact there is hope, but I'm not jiving with his framing.

  6. "Human beings are spiritual beings having a human experience." I realized this years and years ago…I'll be 78 on my next birthday. I've been looking online for someone that says this…thank you, finally, for saying it on the tube community.💕

  7. I've had this awakening it's spreading like wild fire in my friend group. If you are experiencing this guide others that are not as far along as you. God is good. Release the mana!

  8. There is an energy of the universe that is like a blackhole. Of death. Of disintegration. Some people are infact are super intouch with that energy. They're the force that creates dark night of the soul. Eventually through time they get together at the top and the collective super conscious has to realize the trap it's put itself in. And we break through. Every time. This time is no different. The platos socrates and Marcus Aureliuses of our time will never lay down to this. We know it. Even if it costs us our heads. We could never lay down.

  9. Your words ring true in these times, their actions reverberate your warning more than ever. Beware abstractions of the mind hijacking your psychology! Live life from the heart people, live to serve life as the universe intended.

    Good luck out there. 🍁

  10. Spirituality allows you to see through all illusions including ones that are pretending to be Spiritual.

    Don't be tricked into believing there's something more that you need to do other than observing and understanding your mind.

    Don't use external circumstances to motivate your Spiritual practice. Don't be dependant on your environment for Spirituality else your Spirituality will happen by chance instead of by choice.

    This video is shallow in perspective and irresponsibly emotional. There will always be another problem to solve. You fear AI? Give me a break. Isn't the universe always changing humans every second? It created the humans to invent AI and to fight against the coming AI. It will create a million more problems for you to dance with if you don't learn how to observe and still your minds.

  11. Meh… An ok vid at best which is odd for this channel. That said… stop over-representing your credentials. You are not a psychologist. Jordan Peterson is a psychologist. He has a doctoral degree in clinical psychological. You're a guy with a bachelors degree in psychology.

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