Hidden Knowledge of Egyptian Numerology

“Numbers tell you the future”
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0:00 – Intro
1:55 – Egyptian Numerology
6:17 – The Egyptian Triangle
7:35 – Pythagoras Contribution
9:06 – The Egyptian Alchemical Triangle
13:57 – The Profound Secret of the Pythagorean School
16:08 – The Metatron Cube
17:53 – A Divine Scheme of Supreme Conception

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  1. HERE IS TRUTH——->alchemy is the inversion of baptism, in baptism Jesus seeks to separate the flesh from the spirit, HE says "THE WORD OF GOD IS SHARPER THAN ANY DOUBLE EDGE SWORD, DIVIDING BETWEEN SOUL AND SPIRIT"…. Jesus wants to separate soul(consciousness) from spirit(animal mind), BUTTTT in alchemy they want to —>UNITE the soul and spirit , masculine(sulfur/sun) and feminine(mercury/moon), thats why they follow hermes(..androgyny…)…when the soul and the spirit unite you enter into a trance(unconscious) and you become demon possessed(union)……that is why in alchemy the baphomet symbol is used….solve(dissolve)…coagulate(union)….WAKE UP YOU GOOFY SHEEPS.

  2. So we can solve all these problems by knowing that we’ve all been lied to since the beginning of time and then it’s always a search for mathematics and science and they’re all history. Culture and stories are metaphors for mathematical science discoveries. Including the Bible. So all of the names are situation. Now can we stop arguing and get down to science. Also noticed that it says humans and enlightened ones are two different beings. Meaning humans are stupid and The enlightened ones are genius.

  3. Hey tgeir big fan here . i no i hsvent watched in a while im still a huge fan huge fan 🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤wonderful useful interesting info. I could listen all day . thabk u so very very very much for sharying . 🎉take care❤

  4. There’s levels to this and I advise the seeker to be very careful. The ancient masters from Kemet and all the way downwards to upper Kemet did not just go around teaching sacred science to anyone. People forget, everything the Greeks learned came from none other than Ancient Kemet. Pythagoras spent nearly 25 years studying at the Master’s Feet. Be careful seekers.

    May PEACE be with you all.

  5. I took the numerology reading link, I'm a 22/4 – 11 – 1. Apparently they think I'm a natural born leader with razor sharp intuition and some kinda Apex sexual stud… Nothing could be further from reality haha.

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