Has This Ship Been Here for 13,000 Years?

In 1899, famous scientist Nikola Tesla built a giant tower in his laboratory in Colorado Springs. The tower began to catch a signal that seemed to be artificial. It turned out that it had been coming from an even greater height – from outer space! Then, in 1927, Norwegian radio engineer Jørgen Hals noticed something unusual. When he sent signals at a certain wavelength, they were sent back to him a few seconds later. At first, he thought it could be an ordinary radio echo, but was it really?


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  1. THE KNOWLEDGE OF FOREVER TIME..DAMON T.BERRY FILMAKER THE BLACK STALITTE..Waste no time on doubters..Humanity is running out of time..NASA IS FEARFUL..Reptilians & palladians are done…As well as these puppets who have been destroying this planet for profit…Mother Earth is alive..Shes purifying what don't need to be here..New Earth will emerge..All GMOS is being destroyed..All man made beliefs are being exposed karmically 😉 Reset is taking place..Their realm will not survive..The frequency will be too high for these creatures..They are being exterminated..😁💜👍

  2. Okay so a piece came off the satellite Now how big was the piece and how far away was it when the picture was taken? If the scale doesn’t add up I guess it wasnt the piece so it would have to be something else

  3. We are already amongst you. Your governments don’t want to tell you because of their fear. This is a special “planet” and it’s survival is more important than what your leaders have told you.

  4. Is there some way we could bring this object in for examination? It would be the coolest thing seeing so many countries join to investigate this thing.

  5. The fact that we are just leaving it in orbit chilling is where this becomes flimsy at best. It would fall out of orbit unless it continually corrected orbit and or we woulda ripped it down to reverse engineer

  6. The Black Knight Satellite is actually ummm … NOAH’S ARK, like for real, it was used to store information and the DNA of everything that the Bible says the “Ark Boat” supposedly stashed …

    Think about what makes more sense and is actually feasible …

    1. Build the world’s largest boat by hand and then herd & gather the world’s couples.


    2. An ancient advanced civilization is most certainly the reality of our world’s history and someone(s) from our ancient past just happened to be intelligent enough to launch a satellite and stashed the survival of the planet in a safe “vacuum” environment away from the Earth’s Destructive Resets “EDR’s” 🤔

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