Billy Carson: “We’re living in a MATRIX written on mathematics called ADINKRA CODES”


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  1. I found that this makes just as much sense if you just just click up and down the time line.
    Really lovely word soup.
    …and yes he really did say:
    "and they were converting males frogs into women"

  2. When my heart beats faster my brain makes it go faster, until I hit that threshold then time slows down… its weird.. I've been skydiving and since then I can observe my adrenaline in my vision

  3. All this is 100% nonsense, taking bits and pieces from various sciences and studies with absolutely no understanding of their individual meaning. I'm flagging this as misleading

  4. I am supose to be watching my family live there life
    But I can see every where and annoying
    I own all royalties information in all orders of letters
    I spanked on sum spwan was like a little frog man

  5. Wow this guy is dumb. Anyone beyond the age of 11 should understand that time is purd used by is a coordinate system essebtially. To meet someone somewhere you need the other coordinate ie time as well as place. Thr rest is unprovable insanity.

  6. I'm being watched by deviant losers who have no life. There is NO WAY i wanna spend my day following some dude…. FUCK these STALKERS. whether the beings that are watching us are some janky slap nutts next door or someone all they way across the universe… we are being watched and manipulated. Its a game to them. We are being PLAYED. Now that we know…. It's time to STOP BEING PLAYED. Whether u choose to accept or discard, this is a cheat code…..use it however. Stay Safe People. Know that you are all loved and we will win against these voyeuristic devils.

  7. Why a higher being be able to be above time? A 2d paper is in time as well as a 3d person. The person can’t see the past or future of the paper.

  8. If you can phase shift your subatomic structure you can walk through things.

    Sounds made up. What is it to phase shift subatomic structures?

    You’re saying if we can shift into other dimensions we can walk through matter. And of course we can’t do that. Perhaps other dimensions do. But how do we phase shift into the second dimension, if we the fourth can shift into ours? And can a 2d thing phase shift into a 1d? Or a 1d into a 3d? What exactly does they mean? And since 2d to us is inanimate, would we be inanimate to 4d?

  9. Imagine having such amazing concepts while not having figured out yet that “outer space” is bullshhht….people not understanding this simply haven’t seen the many green/blue screen and studio gaffs.

    Last time I checked there are no insects flying around in space….

    But anyways

  10. I was literally talking about a ton of these subjects with a coworker the other day. An entire different world could be right on top of us, in a different frequency, if only it were held together by different forces.

    Not all of this info I find accurate though; 11 dimensions is theoretical.

  11. Adinkra is an ancient Akan word from Ghana 🇬🇭. It represents symbols that describe knowledge and wisdom.. 🤔

  12. Very nicely done. Considering all you've just said, I can only conclude that I trust in Jesus that much more. As I am not skilled to understand, He is, and one day all things will be revealed to us mortals.

  13. I like Billy but he gets to racist at times he argued wit me about irelands black origins during st Patrick day by showing a pigmy Indonesian blackish person and saying they are leprechaun origins in I’m like 90% Irish and since the original inhabitants of North Africa were white I’m not sure he has any credibility anymore

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